Individual,Teams & Game Coverage We have been doing sports photography since 1990. We have worked with teams as small as 15 players up through entire school districts with thousands of athletes. Other sports photographers have also hired us. We will never outsource our photographic talent. I do all the photography. This ensures the people taking the images are absolutely knowledgeable, courteous and experienced. We try to work with each organization on an individual basis. We try, at all expense, to avoid a CHAOTIC picture day. Some organizations prefer to have pictures done in a single session; others prefer to split the vent into a few days. We do our best to work with whichever systems seems best for you. Action photography accompanies some of our packages as well. Images, from these sessions, are generally done as a "Thank You" with images given to parents as free downloads. But, some choose to use these images as a fund raising event. Martial arts I have studied the martial arts and have children who have achieved their black belts. This gives me a special perspective as a photographer. Images capture the confidence of each student. As an owner of a school, you can choose a common pose, or allow each student to choose their own, unique, expression of a stance, kata, strike or kick. Dance & Gymnastics The human form is an exceptional subject with which to work. Nowhere can this be more evident than when working with dancers and gymnasts. Images show the strength, balance, symmetry and beauty of each person.